Chaat is a delicious, fresh mix of raw vegetables, garbanzo beans, and yogurt, typically sold on street sides in India.  Flavor is added with different chutneys and powders, and chaat altogether makes for a tasty, healthy, and refreshing meal. Ingredients: Onions (chopped into small half-inch pieces) Tomato (chopped into small half-inch pieces) Cucumber (chopped into small half-inch pieces) Garbanzo beans Red/Green/Yellow peppers (chopped into small … Continue reading Chaat

Green Beans

Green beans can be served with chappati, rice, and dal for a full traditional North Indian meal (2-4 servings) Ingredients: 2 cups of Green beans 1 tsp vegetable oil (preferably mustard oil) 1/4 tsp Jeera (cumin seed) 1/8 tsp haldi (turmeric powder) 1/8 mirchi (red chili) powder (optional and to taste) 1/8 tsp namak (salt) (add to taste) Directions: Cut green beans into small half-centimeter … Continue reading Green Beans

Toor or Arahar Dal with Rice

Toor Dal or Arahar Dal (lentils) is a traditional Indian soup-like dish usually eaten with rice and chappati. (Recipe makes 3-5 servings) Dal Ingredients: 1 cup Toor/Arahar Dal (lentils) 3 cups water ¼ teaspoon haldi (turmeric powder) ¼ teaspoon namak (salt), or according to taste Directions: Rinse the dal with cold water once or twice Add 3 cups of water, the haldi, and the namak … Continue reading Toor or Arahar Dal with Rice